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About the Conference

Where marketing and creative meet

The idea for High Five was conceived in 2013.  For too long, local marketers and creatives needed to seek inspiration in the likes of Austin, San Francisco and New York. We decided to create a conference that celebrated the talent and vibrancy of the Triangle.

Who should attend High Five on 2/25 + 2/26?

If you consider yourself a marketer, and by that we mean strategist, communicator, designer, creative director, product manager, developer, writer, and everyone in between or on the periphery, this conference is for you.

You’ll be surrounded by a few hundred other creative thinkers craving collaboration to make new ideas happen, just like you.

What can I expect to learn?

February 27, 2014-15At High Five, learn about teamwork, partnership and collaboration in new and unexpected ways to truly achieve marketing and creativity symbiosis:

  • Enhance your knowledge of marketing and creative strategies
  • Gain real, actionable and prescriptive insights to apply to your work challenges
  • Collaborate and innovate in ways that break down functional silos
  • Reverse roles to truly understand and appreciate each other’s processes

The conference has four optional 1/2 day workshops, five strong keynotes and 20 breakout sessions. Click here for an agenda at a glance.

What others are saying about High Five?

High Five Conference-214“The conference is local, highly affordable and has a very compelling agenda. By having my team and my peers all here together, we can cover more ground and take away more insights.”

– Jennifer Abraczinkskas, Director of Marketing, Genworth

“We are looking forward to participating in sessions presented by industry luminaries and meeting other local marketers doing extraordinary things to drive awareness, revenue and raving fans.”

– Kelley Crawford, Director of Marketing, Facility Dude

“High Five seems to ‘get’ the modern creative worker. We have to understand the message and the medium, and High Five makes that connection. And it’s local – bonus!”

– Laura Hamlyn, Manager, Global Content, Red Hat

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Convince Your Boss

You want to attend High Five.  You know it’s the place to be to help you do your job better.  You get it!   But, does your boss?

Here’s a little help to convince your boss that High Five is a “must-attend” event. Download High Five Convince Your Boss and share with your manager today!

host-triangle-amaAbout the Organizers

The event is hosted by the Triangle AMA. For more than 30 years the Triangle AMA has offered marketing professionals the opportunity to learn and grow through professional development and networking. Now 500+ members strong, we’re the premier marketing association in the Triangle and Eastern North Carolina. The conference is led by an all-volunteer core team of members which includes Annie Pearce, Brian McDonald, Catherine Locke, Christie Montague, Danny Rosin, Evan Carroll, Gene Pinder, Jennifer Wright, Karl Sakas, Kris Matson, Lars Bredahl, Leah Dorsey, Liz Miller, Mary Beth Munz, Rebecca Horton, Sam Fortenbery, Stan Phelps and Ted Seward.

We Like to High Five…

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