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Breakout: Look Bigger Than You Are

Lessons & stories about client/agency collaboration, the art of the case study, marketing automation, and brand boosting bravado.
Ramy Badie founded TeeTurtle in 2012, and in 2 short years this eCommerce business has rocketed to the top of the cartoon and anime inspired online apparel world.  With over 450k Facebook likes, nearly 100k customers, and over $2.5MM in annual sales, TeeTutle has built a business on both data-driven acquisition and retention, and a careful curation of software and other vendors.A collaborative approach to client/software provider relations helped Windsor Circle secure a powerful case study from TeeTurtle, exploring key elements of their comprehensive data-driven life-cycle marketing program.  Windsor Circle‘s client success team went the extra mile to ensure massive success. In tandem, Windsor Circle has rocketed from Durham-based start-up in 2011 to leader in the Customer Retention Software space.  We’ll share stories of successes (and failures) that helped both companies build brands that looked far bigger than reality, and then execute to step into that perception using metrics-driven acquisition, story-telling, marketing automation, and customer evangelists.

Location: Room C (Governor's II) Date: February 25, 2015 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:15 pm Andrew Pearson Ramy Badie