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Breakout Session | Social + Experiential Marketing

Room D (Hannover III)

With media touching every aspect of consumer culture, it’s easy to tune out. These days, brands have to find new ways to stand out to potential consumers. That has resulted in increasingly creative, engaging advertising that feels more like entertainment than a sales pitch. Jedidiah is passionate about using nontraditional and experimental approaches that leverage social and traditional news media. His team focuses on integrated campaigns, urban and social media and experiential campaigns. And, with a built-in commercial production studio at our fingertips, we’re able to seamlessly integrate digital media—whether through traditional video, micromedia or social campaigns—into each individual project.

This presentation will illustrate how social and experiential marketing campaigns which overlap digital media with the physical world can result in new ways to market to the digital native generations, aka the highly coveted millennial audience.
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