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Elise Russell

Elise Russell

Creative Director / Writer at Pony Friday, Calgary, Canada

Elise is creating a cultural shift by living life on her own terms. She’s a quick-witted creative director and writer known for her twisted sense of humor, attention to detail and sass. Her work has been recognized by many of the world’s top advertising award shows, including the most coveted three: Cannes, D&AD and The One Show.

Often called candid, blunt and ballsy, Elise is a woman of action who prefers a cut-to-the-chase approach. She has no patience for unnecessary meetings or people that talk in circles, so she told traditional agency life to take a hike and launched Pony Friday: a hybrid creative marketing boutique and motivational lifestyle brand. Elise currently devotes her energy, enthusiasm and leadership to Pony Friday by collaborating with likeminded creatives to produce bold communication for a growing list of clients and fun merchandise that appeals to anyone who strives to behave boldly.

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Room K (Oak Forest)

You’ve got to stick your neck out to win! In 2012, Elise quit her job as an award-winning advertising creative to be an entrepreneur. It wasn’t a soft transition; she didn’t have a plan. She simply wanted to have more fun and work when she felt inspired, not force her own creative hand in the […]

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