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Marissa Coren

Marissa Coren

Content Strategist at Facebook, San Francisco, California

Marissa has been creating captivating digital experiences since 2008. She’s a creative Swiss Army knife at heart and specializes in finding hidden storytelling opportunities where others just see pixels.

She began her journey as a law school graduate before heading to the United Nations as a speechwriter, finally landing in Silicon Valley where she choreographs the ballet of words and images across various mediums. As a storyteller by nature and trade, her narrative design and content strategy have most recently shaped the digital landscapes of Facebook, Uber and Walmart and among others.

Keynote | Brace for Impact: Finding Creative Fulfillment Hidden Along Your Career Path

Room K (Oak Forest)

We’re hurtling towards a future where the lines between creative growth and career growth are increasingly blurred. Now more than ever, we must learn to live at the intersection of these two forces. Come explore this new space and learn to trust your ideas, implement your creative vision and grow your team. Attendees will discover how […]

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Keynote Roundtable | Marissa Coren, David Rendall + Shanteka Sigers

Mezzanine Stage

Have burning questions for keynote speakersMarissa Coren, David Rendall and Shanteka Sigers? Ask them here in a small-group setting moderated by Karl Sakas.

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