General Session

Oak Forest Ballroom

Tackle Imposter Syndrome: Show up whole at work and online – Amber Naslund

Talk to professionals in almost any discipline, and you’ll hear them tell you how often they’ve felt they’re mostly faking it. Self-doubt is pervasive, and even the most talented people get stuck believing like they’re not good enough, that other people are surely smarter and more qualified, and that any success they’ve had is largely due to luck or favors from others. What gives? In this provocative and radically transparent talk, Amber Naslund walks you through what Impostor Syndrome is, where it comes from, why it gets in our way, and how our digital, always-on world can make these feelings of inadequacy so much worse. Then she’ll share the strategies and tactics that you can use each and every day to shut down self-doubt, reclaim your superpowers, and truly bring your whole self to work.


The Evolution of a Graphic Designer’s Language – Eddie Opara

How it is important for a designer to have a voice within today’s design thinking and brand strategies.