Opening General Session

Oak Forest Ballroom

The Seventh Level of Engagement – Amanda Slavin

The digital world is filled with opportunities to buy fans, followers and empty engagement. For brands/agencies/marketing professionals trying to determine where to put limited paid social dollars, only the world’s most engaging brands know how to cut through the clutter and reach actual humans in a meaningful way. These brands all have one thing in common: they have all reached “The Seventh Level”. Whether it’s Equinox’s “Commit to Something” or REI’s “#OptOutside”, the most successful brands forge powerful, emotional connections with their audience. They are engaging their audience at the Seventh Level. The Seventh Level is a proprietary methodology adapted and tested by Amanda and CatalystCreativ over 10 years to quantify, measure and improve engagement. Why does this matter? Because engagement is the most important first step to understanding your potential customers, acquiring new customers, developing a proper marketing funnel, and retaining your customers. With higher engagement, comes higher achievement, and achievement means more sales, growth and productivity.


The Beauty of Promise and the Power of Delivery – Tim Allen

Customer expectations have skyrocketed across almost every business category as a result of choice, innovation and technology. Products and services not only have to be pragmatically useful but they also need to be culturally relevant, delightful and authentic as well. In today’s landscape, communication is only one facet of brand expression. The brand is the experience. This is forcing companies and agencies to step their game up. Join us to learn how Inclusive Design is being used to deliver on Microsoft’s promise to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.